Coached Row and Event Schedule

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Nicomekl rows are scheduled from April 1 through to the end of September.
From October till March Club Rows are scheduled on weekends.

There are 4 types of rows that our members can opt to attend during the week. At the Nicomekl Rowing Club we have one general membership fee; members can participate in any of the rows listed on the club schedule row.


Fee Structure

$ 450.00 General Membership fee, this includes all scheduled rows.

$ 275.00 (New members who have graduated from our 2018 Learn to Row program)

Additional RCA and RBC fees apply ($30/year)

Club Rows

The objective of this row is to enjoy rowing in all kind of boat types while in the company of fellow club members.

Development Rows

This program is focussed on the novice rower that graduated from learn to row. Novice rowers can also be in their second year of the sport.

Fit For Life Rows

Participants in this program should have experience rowing in all boat classes and be proficient in boat handling skills. This program is for intermediate to advanced-level rowers. Coaching will be tailored toward improving technique, fitness and training to prepare for participation in regattas. Fun, fitness and socialization are key components of this program.

Speed Rows

Focus of this program is training for intermediate to advanced level rowers who wish to improve their boat speed through technique with the support of conditioning. Emphasis is on race preparation.


Rowing Schedule

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