Emergency Action Plan

In an on water emergency or a situation likely to develop into an emergency remember:

  • One Minute to get your breathing under control and assess the situation.
  • Ten Minutes of effective movement.
  • One Hour with an inflated PFD to be rescued from the water.
  • CALL *16 FROM A MOBILE PHONE to be connected with Marine Search and Rescue. Explain the situation and where on the river or Crescent Beach area you are.

If you are in the water:

  • In the first minute:
    • Remain calm, get your breathing under control
  • In colder water, you will have 10 minutes: until legs / arms cramp up.:
    • Find your PFD, inflate and adjust.
    • Get on top of the hull – it is your life raft, attempt to paddle to shore.
    • If unable to get on top of hull, get as much of your body draped over the hull.
  • If you cannot get to shore:
    • Stay with the boat
    • Buddy up with crew members for warmth.

Once on shore or at the Boathouse:

CALL 911 for Police, Fire or Ambulance

The boathouse is located at Elgin Heritage Park, 13723 Crescent Rd. 604 543 6700.

A stocked First Aid kit is kept in the green box at the back of the boathouse. A medical information sheet for every member is kept in a binder marked with a Red Cross also in the green box. Previous conditions, injuries, allergies and a list of current medications may be needed by emergency personnel.

  • Strong Recommendations:
    • Always follow the traffic pattern.
    • Always carry a charged cell phone in a watertight case.
    • Do not go out rowing alone. Always row with at least one other boat or with a coach/safety boat.

Traffic Pattern Map:

Important Information


13723 Crescent Road, Surrey

Caretaker's residence: 604.535.6426


12555 Crescent Road, Surrey



3601 Nico Wynd Drive, Surrey



Crescent Beach Marina at NE corner outside the chandler shop

There are no public phones at Ward's Marina or Nico Wynd Golf Course.