Coached Row Focus

Rowing Technique

  1. ENTRY
    • Posture (body angle, head position)

    • Straight arms, relaxed shoulders
    • Shins near vertical
    • Blade placed with hands (not shoulders)
  2. DRIVE
    • Precise Catch. Blade buried and locked by 1/8 drive
    • Legs initiate drive
    • Arms and body in catch position for 1/2 drive
    • Legs, body, arms sequenced properly
    • Consistent and proper blade depth for 90% of drive
    • Proper finish position (Body, hands, legs, head)
    • Blade is removed by tapping down (circular motion)
    • Blade is feathered with minimal wrist movement
    • Rhythm maintained around turn
    • Arms, body, legs sequenced properly (controlled)
    • Set position established prior to half compression
    • Blade carried at a constant height off water
    • Blade squared prior to entry point
    • No body movement prior to catch (no lunge)
  5. OTHER
    • Balance - able to set a 1x with minimum wobble
    • Relaxed, fluid appearance - cyclical stroke, no pauses
    • Can maintain >2:1 recovery/drive ratio at 18 S.R
    • Can maintain a >2:1 recovery/drive ratio at 26 S.R
    • Can maintain positive recovery/drive ratio at 30 S.R
    • Proper grip and hand sequence on drive and recovery